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List of subjects:

The Indian Panel Code,
The Code of Criminal Procedure,
The Indian Evidence Act,
Hindu Law, Muslim Law,
The Specific Relief Act,
The Code of Civil Procedure,
The Indian Limitation Act,
The Sales of Good act,
The Indian Partnership Act,
The Negotiable Instrument Act,
The Indian Contract Act (General as we as special provisions will also be covered which includes agency, bailment, pledge, indemnity, etc),
Transfer of Property Act,
The Arbitration Act, Law of Torts, The Indian Registration Act, The Constitution of India, UP zamindari Abolition Act and other U.P. local laws, Delhi rent control Act, Haryana rent control Act, MP local laws, Uttarakhand local laws, Rajasthan local laws, Judgement writing & Order writing, Plaint and Written Statement writing, English comprehension, unseen passage, precise writing etc, Essay and Article writing in English, Hindi, Essay writing in Hindi etc, G.K. (static and current affairs), G.S., Translation (Hindi to English, English to Hindi).
Motivational lectures, Personal feedback, Interactive session, and debates, will also be conducted by faculty time to time for interview grooming, fluency in English and overall development of judicial aspirants.

Trial/ Demo classes will be held on every TUESDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY from 1 pm to 4 pm. Those students who are interested :
Can choose “anyone” day for visiting.
Must call before visiting for booking their trial class


We are the only institute in Delhi running late evening batch for students and working judicial aspirants.

Note: Before coming please call and book your trial class with us as per your convenience.

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